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Women’s dignity that prevent privacy

Women’s dignity that prevent privacy smart, nice, responsible, decent, and has many other advantages woman can not find a life partner. It turns out that all its advantages and serve as a stumbling block to the main female happiness – to love and be loved.
Try to understand why this is happening and how you can rectify the situation.
What female dignity may be beliefs, stereotypes or obvious flaws, which each of us does not even know ?

” Dose ” of the mind
It’s no secret that men are trying to get round stupid women. But at the same time, representatives of the male fans are not too smart women know-alls. Because they see them as the weaker sex is not perfect, but dangerous and powerful rivals, which are very difficult to see the classic feminine traits – weakness, humility, patience and wisdom.
Therefore, dear ladies smart, use your intelligence, so to speak, on purpose, that is – do not overdo it in disputes and do not put a goal to conquer the man – sharp mind mind. Try to demonstrate their analytical and thinking skills within a reasonable ” dose ” to the phrase ” Woe from Wit ” did not your business card in relations with men. And do not worry : a wise woman always notice without much effort on her part.

We women, homemakers, accustomed to take on the fragile shoulders all responsibility in domestic affairs. At work, we are struggling to prove that we can entrust responsible job and in everyday life – by inertia themselves occupy a post responsible and painstaking ” bees.” Not surprisingly, that our elected representatives get used to such things and often shuffling in a heartbeat give us his role of ” miners “.
What is the result? Wrong exchange of roles, after which we have the result is obvious : a man turns into a harmless pet, and even apathetic “animal”, and a woman – in a relentless fairy who sooner or later will get rid of its responsibility “gift” and come to the conclusion that it do not need to look in the eyes of men sorceress. So try to share such a quality as responsible for two. And it is desirable that the greater part of the responsibility for family affairs went to the man.

Bit order
Restore order in the house is considered a classic women’s responsibility, and sometimes even the dignity that she is trying to show her man. But if cleaning turns into a kind of women’s interests, then it is instantly transformed into merits flaw in the eyes of men.
Agree, if men will be around every day hum vacuum cleaner, and the apartment with the smell of detergents, such a mania for sterility may affect relations Nondeducibility spot. Therefore, striving for purity should also be metered, so your dignity has not turned into a rough flaw.

When appropriate kindness
” No good deed goes unpunished,” – says the proverb. And if a woman exhibits excessive cordiality and warmth towards the man, he can sense her kindness as a desire to please, and even lure in their ” network.” The fact remains that kindness, which you do not ask, may appear in the eyes of the stronger sex as a way of manipulating women.
Men such a position, according to the women, regard is ambiguous: “She cooks, cleans, irons shirts and plans in its budget buying a new tie, then wants to marry me to myself.” By this judgment can lead volunteer your kindness, which sometimes regarded as an unnecessary sacrifice. Draw your own conclusions !

“Dose ” beauty
Beautiful woman – a bait for men. But if he will witness your efforts that you spend on it to bring beauty to your face – come to the conclusion that you are inappropriate use of their time. After all, a woman who looks at the clock in the mirror must be either a celebrity or a fatal perfectionist. A similar commitment to excellence is not always regarded as a good quality. On the contrary, man can come to the conclusion that meets the fatal selfish that instead cook a delicious breakfast, to be complacent. And you are unlikely to prove to him that all your efforts – just for him favorite.
Sometimes we can be a shame that our obvious advantages in the eyes of men look like flaws. But we should not ignore the fact that you can adjust the time to eliminate all obstacles to happiness in his personal life, is not it?

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If you have reached a certain age, it is quite have an idea of ​​role-playing games. Someone draws this information from women's magazines, someone - from movies relevant content, someone reading about them online. Many ways, but one goal - to diversify boring routine.