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How to excite a woman ?

Question how to excite Woman, very important in seduction. If you happen to have a competent woman, then it is likely that you want to do you have sex with her on the first date. On the other hand, if you just talk to her at the meeting as a friend, not even attempting to kiss her, then about sex on the first date can forget. If the question is “How to arouse a woman ? ” Is very important, I try to open it in detail in this article.

Perhaps you were such cases on a date when you’re cool to communicate with women, you find a lot of common themes common to talk about, but it takes some time and go for more action you did not cheer. In my head there are different questions: ” When it is possible to begin to touch a girl? ” “When you can kiss ? ” You’re thinking, “Yeah, okay, probably not yet. How will it look like when I start to touch her ? Better kiss her goodbye at the end. ” Then you do not find the right moment and break up with a beauty. Well, basically, nothing bad happened, think of you, kiss her on the second date. The next time it happens in the same way. After a while a woman will think you are shy, it would be boring, and that your meetings come to an end.

Understand that every woman wants to have sex, as much as you. And you know what she fears the most ? That it did not consider the surrounding for a whore. Therefore, it is almost never tell you “let ‘s have sex.” If you ask her to come to your home, it also does not agree. Well, at least the majority of women. Continue reading

How to please a girl ?

If you do not spend a perfect first date, girls often do not want to meet and give your phone number, then you must be interested in the question : “How to please a girl ? ” Maybe walking down the street, you ever seen a beautiful young lady who walked hand in hand with not very cool guy. You thought, “What a dude better than me? ” Why does he have such a cool girl, and I do not ? Do you ever question arose, for which she agreed to meet this guy. What she found in it such that is not me. In this article you will know the answer to the question of how to please a girl.

First of all, to realize a very important rule : ” On earth there is someone who would all like ! ” Even in God and do not believe everything. President of many countries, millions of people hate. Similarly, in a relationship. For every guy designed beauties who love it. Your task is to find these girls, and not to seek those who do not need you. There are girls who you will love. So, if we talk about the guy, he is better than you? He is not the best, he just found his girl and liked the way it is. Tolerate failures, humiliations, but achieved his goal. There is no person who is not denied. Just someone failures over and over again, and someone very rare.

Well, let’s go back to our main question, how to please a girl :

1.Poymi that can give the young lady. Continue reading


Role playing is one of the most wonderful ways to rekindle the fire in a pair of love and passion. Sexologists also called this way to maintain the relationship in bed most striking, interesting and positive, although some Puritans believe that it is not, but when they try to dilute his life and play with your loved ones or your favorite, then after that even the most “orthodox ” classics hard pull the ears of hobbies.

It’s no secret that over time, each pair comes a time when a man and woman away from each other, become cold and inert. Sexual games awaken in you the fire of desire, and your sex life will improve again.

Before you indulge in debauchery and plunge into the world of sexual role-playing games, you must arrange with your partner all over the point «i», and on the shore to mark the borders of the game and reality, because at some point it should stop, and you should know that it for the moment, because the games are different.

As practice shows, everyone who has ever tried sexual role-playing, go back to him again, that’s why we offer you several options, so that the next time you decide to play in something new, you do not have long to come up with a scenario and you could just use this ready material. Continue reading

How to meet a girl at the club?

Very often men come to the club to get to know, but what they may be able to – watch this hour on a sexy woman, admire the way she dances and submit sex with her. This problem stems from the fact that the guy can not dare to approach the young lady and speak. He does not know how to start a conversation, how it would look from the side. Finally, it is certain that such a beautiful girl does not want to meet with him at the club.
To solve this problem, I write this article. It will discuss how to meet a girl in a club or disco and how to approach and what to say to reduce failures to a minimum.

Relationship with a girl at the club

If you’re interested in the topic of dating women, I recommend also refer to the article: ” How to meet a girl on the street ? ” And ” How to meet a girl in places that are accessible to everyone ? ”

Let us now continue. The biggest mistake a guy when meeting at the disco, is that it shows itself in need of sex. Not the fact that the club is often beautiful sexy dress, and the man, who did not have sex for a long time, looking with hungry eyes and thinks: ” Caught you have me now in my bed.” Continue reading


Such is the nature of man, that man always have to hunt and search for new places to explore this girl. As a rule, dating occur as bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. But have you ever wondered that there are places where you can get acquainted with a beautiful girl without experiencing much competition from men for the simple reason that their next may simply not be, or the situation itself will not push them to get acquainted. But you’re reading this article, will be on horseback, set in motion its ability to deceive, and the main thing in a non-competitive environment. Because only you know where you can still meet with a girl, and under what unusual circumstances.

Many believe that there is no place on this planet worse than a dentist’s office. But it is a wonderful place where you can meet a nice girl. All you need is just to link your familiarity with feelings about receiving a doctor. You may have to sympathize with the girl and support her. Such attention to her person does not pass in vain, and you can get a great chance to meet and strike up a romantic relationship. Continue reading

How to keep a woman for life?

If you’ve found yourself a beauty with which you have a good relationship, it satisfies you, are you ready to live with it all my life, it certainly raises the question : ” How to keep a girl for life? ” Because very often there are times that the young pair of great relationships, true love, they are convinced that there will be together for life, but no such luck. Woman are not satisfied with such attitudes, feelings fade with each passing day, and she begins to change, or already thinking about another man. She refuses visits.

How to keep a woman near him? What to do to favorite never wanted to change for you and never left you ? This I will detail in this article. So read it carefully. This information will be very useful for those people who already have a relationship, but not entirely successful.

Himself the question ” How to keep the girl beside him ? ” Is not quite correct. Because you can not force the girl to be with a guy. And no matter how hard he tried, no matter how he wanted to please her, if she does not want to be with him, it will not. Continue reading

After all, if the conversation turns boring, not emotional, then she switched to something else or someone else, and that is bad. In this article we will talk about how to flirt with a girl.
In this article, I will tell the truth when you need to confess your love, and when not. How to say about their feelings favorite to make it a positive experience.
Girl thinks, I ‘ll pretend that I have a bad mood, and he will take care of me and try to cheer me up. This is what I wrote in the article details how to put a girl on the spot.
No need to talk only about sex, because she thinks that you need it, and you other than sex do not need anything. Just during the conversation, do not forget to remember him.
She was not comfortable making such decisions. She wants a man did everything himself for it, just took it and kissed smile.
Scenario may work in reverse version. In this case, the most important to get used to his image and indulge in a memorable game in which you get to know each other from a new angle.
If you have reached a certain age, it is quite have an idea of ​​role-playing games. Someone draws this information from women's magazines, someone - from movies relevant content, someone reading about them online. Many ways, but one goal - to diversify boring routine.